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Alone In The Wind

A Journal Of Discovery

In The Summer Of 88


Amazon #1 Bestseller



In the hot 'Summer of 88', the author packed up his motorcycle and pulled out of the garage with no destination or return date in mind.  Rain was coming down, and every omen said "Wait" - but waiting had no place in what little plan there was.


That trip would consume the better part of the summer, logging over twelve thousand miles from sea to sea and back.  Yellowstone would burn, Reagan would threaten the 'Evil empire', and the author was oblivious to it all.  The ‘Drought of 88’ was one of the hottest seasons on record, straining mind and machine.  As resolve faltered, ‘bloody mindedness’ prevailed.  "Alone In The Wind" is the account of that trip, with pictures, maps, travel thoughts, and rolling narrative. 

touring motorcycle 1988 USA America
touring motorcycle 1988 USA America
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