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Probably best defined by my restless & insatiable curiosity, I’ve spent a lifetime exploring the world’s corners, on foot, kayak, bicycle or motorcycle. I consider myself an explorer; I don’t seek out adventures, but as many of you know, if you stick your nose into enough dark holes, adventures will find you. 

Twenty years ago it wouldn't have seemed possible that I'd be in this position today.  With all of the ideas I've toyed with over the years, writing wasn't even a consideration.  It began as a desire to tell a long story; a project to write a novel that got shelved.  Later, I wanted to share with my children what had been defining moments in my life, and my adventure travel journals seemed a good place to start. 


In 1988, after recovering from a parachuting accident, I took the summer off and toured the country on a 750 Yamaha.  I left in mid-May and returned in late August after burning up about twelve thousand miles.  The journal from that trip was the basis for my first book 'Alone In The Wind'. While intended for my kids, the book started selling, reaching number one in three Amazon categories.  At that point, I decided to publish the novel as well.


Adventure Travel Journals and Action/Adventure/Romance novels may seem an odd combination, but for both, there's a story to tell and I find the combination dovetails nicely. Endless miles on the motorcycle provide plenty of opportunity for reflection and some of my best scenes have been handed to me that way. I say 'handed to me' because in my mind that's how creativity works. My virtual co-pilot hands me a piece of paper and says "Read This." I've stopped wondering where he gets it from.


Four published books and one bestseller have kept me busy over the last five years. Three or four more books are coming, and I love it.  Still, from time to time I push it all away and hit the trail, never to revisit, always to find some new pasture. It need not be grand; a quiet cave on a windy day, an eddy on a wild river, or a long winding road drifting into the mountains, each offering up bits to savor.

After seven decades I’m no longer pushing the envelope, but I’m still on the road. Hope to see you there.

Keep Riding - Ride Safe,




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